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Let’s try killing income taxes!

How about a Payroll tax?

We can’t do without the taxes. We have lots of great things to fund!

Let’s call taxes charity!

NY Gov Cuomo: GOP Tax Law

Potentially ‘Unconstitutional,’ ‘

Double Taxation’

Is Tax a partisan issue?

Nice to see someone watching closely.

Why NYS hates tax cuts.


Where are your school taxes going?


Aren’t you happy that our tax dollars support sexy legislators? 


What would you give up to get out of debt?

So, why can’t we collect enough taxes to pay our bills?

Don’t ask me.

The North Country only gets promises.

No wonder we’re going broke.

Not even in Norway do people like to pay taxes.

I am sorry that I dropped the ball and am late getting this up.

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This is about a $2.00 tax that will show up in our electrical bills. We won’t see it itemized. All we get to do is pay it.

Just like the above article this one is a little late, but relevant none the less. The great and powerful in Albany do a budget dance on the backs of the taxpayers every year.

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It’s nice to know that at least The Post Star finds the shell game played with our taxes at the Capital as distasteful as we do.

We just found a little counterpoint article to the crowing coming from Albany.

The larger question: Are they worth it?

Our Governor and the Legislature are all about “FREE STUFF”. They don’t pay for the stuff they call “FREE”. We do. And then they hold press conferences and Town Halls to tell us how grateful we should be to them for tossing some of that “FREE STUFF” our way.

If “STUFF” was really “FREE”, we wouldn’t be paying taxes, would we?

Aren’t State, County, Town, City and School District spending the root cause of the Taxation we enjoy in New York? I just can’t see why we should celebrate when Cuomo tells us he is giving us back a few pennies on the many dollars his Tax department has demanded from us. But talking about tossing money at the North Country while visiting Lake Placid, seems like a good idea.

I guess I would land in Lake Placid if I were king and wanted to be hosted in palatial surroundings while pretending to benefit the frost-bitten proletariat. (Link to article) Now, if he tells us that his tax man will pull fewer $ from our pockets and purses, I would celebrate. But how can he do that and toss so much of our money around?

Nice to know that nothing is immune to tax.

Plastic Bag Tax?

If you are still in NYS, thanks for not joining the escape from taxation.

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When Ms. Little speaks of getting “it” off the taxpayers backs, how does she think she is doing that?
She seems to be without an answer, but click on her lovely photo anyway to see what she says.

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When these guys send us self serving letters and pamphlets patting themselves on the back, who pays the bill?

We do!

Do we look Happy?

We only lost 820,400,000 dollars

We couldn’t possibly tell you how many of them came out of your pocket, but we’ll keep you informed on how well we are doing with your investment with us.


When do we taxpayers stop paying for the fun big wigs have at our expense?




Who should pay the cost of medical care for the elderly with kidney failure?

Comptroller: Medicare.

Health Department: Who cares? It’s not our money.

 It would be wonderful to find an elected official who would brag about needing less tax payers money for the region he represents. This guy does not qualify: Kennedy issues ultimatum to legislature: Approve Buffalo Billion II or lose my vote – February 24, 2017

Dannel Malloy does look a bit like Cuomo. Lets hope Cuomo doesn’t think like Malloy?

Megan Murphy Thinks our share of taxes should go up.

In My Opinion: Make early childhood education more affordable, Press Republican Feb 24, 2017

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Big John above, click on his face to keep us honest, wants to use tax payers money to be nice to some in his student body at SUNY Plattsburgh.

John Ettling Supports tuition plan – Press Republican Feb, 24, 2017

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Andrew Cuomo wants to turn as many Americans as possible into Tax Collectors for the Empire State:

Fight for online taxes gives hope to cash-starved counties, Press Republican Feb 14, 2017

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If you know anyone from Oregon who would like to volunteer, please send them to the page here presented:

It should be pointed out that Sales Taxes are shared. Counties receive about 50% of the take and the State keeps the rest. Don’t you think that’s fair?

After all, Mr. Cuomo has grand plans that we have to pay for:

Cuomo’s risky solar-jobs bet is starting to backfire. New York Post February 12, 2017

Ever wonder why we taxpayers move out of NYS?

Andrew Cuomo’s ‘exodus’ delial. New York Post January 15, 2017

Town of Plattsburgh to invest millions to keep infrastructure working

By DAN HEATH Press-Republican  Feb 1, 2017

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Town increases water, sewer rates

By DAN HEATH Press-Republican Jan 2, 2017

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