Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Posted by on Feb 20, 2018

Cuomo recently floated an idea that could do two things at the same time:

  1. Create jobs.
  2. Put more money into local school budgets.

Wait a minute. Wouldn’t #2 only increase #1 ????????

The article is linked to this photo:

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If you don’t want to click on the photo, you can click here.

If you are just so tired of clicking just keep reading, I’ll give you the worst parts of our Governors thinking.

First, let’s set the stage:

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“We’re going to do whatever is necessary to protect New Yorkers,’’ Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s budget director Robert Mujica said during a briefing Monday morning at the Capitol.”

The above is double speak out of another, earlier article written by Tom Precious on the same tax subject. It is also a link you can click or just click here to see it, or,,, you know. Mr. Precious reports that Cuomo wants to “lessen the impact for some New Yorkers who face financial hits under the federal government’s new tax law.” Ya! Right! His interest is really to protect NYS tax revenue results, not the citizens of this Great State which spends like, well you know.

The best evidence for #1 above is Mr. Precious’s words:

“Cuomo has proposed legislation that could create more than 2,000 new local government entities to accept charitable donations”

Are there not tax collectors? Why should anyone hire more people to collect money when we already have so many open hands attached to our Tax Collector’s outstretched arms which are ready to receive the State and local Government’s portion of our substance? Oh!! How quickly I forget that #1 really is the first order of business. How many government jobs do we need in NYS? There is no nonpartisan answer.

The down and dirty evidence for #2 is this Precious paragraph:

“That could mean that schools could end up bringing in more local revenues. Take, for example, a couple with a $10,000 property tax bill. Under the Cuomo plan, they could make a $10,000 donation to a new school-run charity. But only $9,500 of that could be taken as a credit against their school property tax obligation. That means they would still owe another $500 in property taxes, leaving the district with a total of $10,500 between the donation and the tax payment.”

 More jobs and more revenue can’t be bad, can it?

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Divide and Conquer

Posted by on Jan 29, 2018

I think it’s quite obvious what is going on all around us. Taxation is not for funding the Government. That would make it a tool. It is really a weapon when in the hands of people like Cuomo. By the way, I call a bribe a weapon just about as influential as a small caliber gun.

If you get a tax break from NYS you might love Cuomo, but the poor souls who don’t get the tax break don’t like those lucky Cuomo lovers so much.

Just click here to read an article that Debbie discovered. What a bunch of junk over who gets to pay less.

You know how it is. I’m sure you can immagine a tax payer getting on the road to work resenting the guy next door who gets to stay home. The tax payer might be amazed that his non-working neighbor can afford a wide screen TV and a cable connection. As he drives along he might think bad thoughts about the cell phone his neighbor didn’t pay for, and all the food he buys with a credit card for which a bill is never sent.  Just because the tax paying working stiff is probably paying some of the freight for the luxurious life style of this especially blessed next door individual shouldn’t be reason for resentment, but some of us normal human beings suffer with that malady. Then there might be a guy living on the other side of our working stiff who gets a tax break. Our fully taxed working friend might feel just as resentful of the tax break blessed guy as the other guy living on benefits.

Who really benefits from this situation? Cuomo:

Now wouldn’t he just love to see his picture used this way. Collecting taxes for our present Governor would become a Biblical affair. Just Click on the Cuomo dollar if you need help with the Bible.

There is no other reason to keep shifting the weight of taxes from shoulder to shoulder other than creating resentment and division in the population. Cuomo wants to be the universal arbiter for the division and discorde he has been helping to create. Our problem is that everyone seeking to be elected wants us to elect them to be better arbiters in this argument over who benefits from and who pays taxes. It seems to be a winning con. Are they smart, or are we…?

I think New York State spends way too much money. The argument about who among us should pay for that spending and how much each of us should be forced to pay is just a distraction, and a really great Blue State campaign issue.

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Charity? Really?

Posted by on Jan 3, 2018

Can you believe this older California Moon Beam version of our Governor Cuomo would like to collect charitable contributions instead of income tax from his citizens so that they could deduct them?

Does anyone have some spare change?

Taxes are not charity. Our politicians don’t believe in charity. They believe in entitlements, and that’s why the costal political species loves taxes, but charity is like so old fashioned. The wacko costal politicos don’t normally play the charity game any more than do the states they represent:

Since New York State didn’t make the above list, lets look at Cities:

Hey look! New York City doesn’t do charity and neither does Buffalo.

So do you think Governors of High Tax, low charity States are going to be able to convince the richest among their citizens to start giving large charitable contributions to their State Tax Coll… oops, Charity Collectors? I don’t see that trend to be probable.

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An invitation!

Posted by on Dec 30, 2017

Good old Governor Cuomo should become a member of the Cumberland Head Tax Payers Association. We know that double taxation is a common occurrence. His ignorance of it taking place shows how deficient his education is. The CHTA could teach him a thing or two..

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Please Click on Me $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

That he thinks New York (we are a Blue State) has no representatives in the United States Senate is beyond howling laughable.

Oh! He forgot this guy is in the Senate.

Oh yes, her too!

Schumer and Gillibrand are no strangers to him, are they? The comments to the linked article (just click on the Governor’s face or the New York Senator’s faces) give a nice list of double taxation. It is sad that New York can’t find candidates who know what they’re talking about or even know each other.

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Seeking Tax Payer Volunteers

Posted by on Jul 7, 2017

We think a voluntary tax system might be fun. That is, a system we would enjoy avoiding. I guess we are not alone. Debbie found an article about just such a system in Norway:

Voluntary Tax in Norway

Happy to know that Norwegian citizens are turning their backs on the opportunity to hand over more money than their government insists they turn over to the tax man.

There is another Town of Plattsburgh meeting on our video page:

Videos of T.O.P. Meetings

Come have a look.


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Is New York State next?

Posted by on May 30, 2017

Debbie found another fun tax idea that is being born on the left coast:

Does anyone in the photo know anything?

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