Charity? Really?

Can you believe this older California Moon Beam version of our Governor Cuomo would like to collect charitable contributions instead of income tax from his citizens so that they could deduct them?

Does anyone have some spare change?

Taxes are not charity. Our politicians don’t believe in charity. They believe in entitlements, and that’s why the costal political species loves taxes, but charity is like so old fashioned. The wacko costal politicos don’t normally play the charity game any more than do the states they represent:

Since New York State didn’t make the above list, lets look at Cities:

Hey look! New York City doesn’t do charity and neither does Buffalo.

So do you think Governors of High Tax, low charity States are going to be able to convince the richest among their citizens to start giving large charitable contributions to their State Tax Coll… oops, Charity Collectors? I don’t see that trend to be probable.