Morality of Money

We do live in interesting times.

Modern “Morality” is coming of age, and the rumination that Debbie discovered this morning is a great guide for the direction it is taking toward ultimate maturity:

If you are moved to agree or disagree with the article above linked, I have two books for you:

Envy: A Theory of Social Behavior by Helmut Schoeck


Ressentiment by Max Scheler

The arguments in the linked article are much more meaningful when you have the clarity of the above books to shine on them.

If you read the linked article, and care nothing about the arguments contained therein, forget about those books, and turn your attention back to the food channel , or in the case you eschew post shower moisturizers and frilly undergarments and have a hankering for beer, peanuts, pork rinds or potato chips you can go back to ESPN.

Have a nice life.

Oh! By the Way! The Food Channel should have some great recipes for potato chips!!!!…… oooops….. Sorry,,,, I checked…. Forget about the Food Channel.