Gaseous Good Faith

We have a little info for those North Country folks who are converting to natural gas.

NYSEG has appointed a marketing rep. to help you through the rebate process.  His name is Mike Keenan.  He can be reached at 518-566-9846, ext. 819.

It seems that NYSEG has hired an outside firm to disburse the rebate money and the word on the street is that this firm is acting as though they can keep whatever money they don’t disburse. Seems they’re not making the process easy.   All the published rebate information says “UP TO $500” or “UP TO $800”.  Read the fine print!!!!!!

  • This distribution firm requires an invoice showing the labor cost for your conversion, so if you do the work yourself,  there is NO REBATE.
  • For a propane conversion that only costs $100 your rebate will be $100.If you bought the propane furnace in anticipation of converting it to natural gas…..too bad.
  • The model and serial numbers of your old furnace are required.  If it’s gone to the dump, good luck with trying to get a rebate.
  • In summation, it’s best to have Mike Keenan work with your contractor to submit all the paper work.  Please contact him.