Come learn how “Solar” relates to taxes

Come learn how “Solar” relates to taxes

We have a special invitation to all members and North Country citizens who know they need to know more about taxes.

Mr. Brian Dowling has accepted to visit with us again at 7:00 pm, February 18 at the Cumberland Head Fire Station, and this time he will be giving us the low down on what “Solar” projects mean to property valuation.


It may be small potatoes if your bank account is full to overflowing, but, to us rather normalFire Station types, we might be right to assume that putting solar panels on the roof may have some hidden costs.  It’s not as simple as putting up the solar panels and collecting the bennies!  Mr. Dowling will help us understand the kind of impact such a project might have on our assessment, and eventually our tax bill.Solar home

We recently stumbled on an internet article:

Renewable Energy’s Growth Threatens the Power Supply

Click on the article title to take a reading ride through a few “non-tax” costs that are developing around going GREEN. Don’t worry.  When government is involved, “non-tax” usually means the taxpayer will get stuck with the bill in the end.