To Be or Not To Be Open!!!

We were sure that the Town Board of Plattsburgh, NY wasn’t the only public body desirous of hiding as much of the negative reality they create by disallowing constituents to address them when the cameras are rolling. Here we have confirmation:

We are not taking sides on the underlying God issue:

Jordan Wooley assignment

We do want to point out the gelatinous justifications that are being brought to bear on the issue:

Our central interest is this opportunity to point in the direction of Texas and remind everyone that there is nothing new under the Sun, and that shuffling public comment into the dark is just as popular here as anywhere else. The School Board in Katy, TX pulled the same trick as our Town Board by shifting public comment to meetings they would not record. “Transparency” for the School Board in Katy, TX is the same as it is for the Town Board in Plattsburgh, NY = What “The Board” wants to let the public see. Or should we be less nice and call it: What “The Board” can’t hide from the public.