I Remember When…….

Weather was once just a topic of conversation.  North Country types always had something to say about what we liked or hated most about the weather that came our way, but things have changed.

I am glad that the majority of years allotted to my material existence seem to be in my past.  Weather like the stuff we are talking about today is not new.  I saw scenes like this in DC some years back up close and personal:


I was in Navy at the time, and Washington was interesting when snow came out of the sky.  In those days we always had a little less white stuff than these poor guys are battling in this photo.

So what make me tired of talking about the Weather?

The subject is no longer Weather.  It is Global Warming.

Well, not really.  It is Taxes.

The US East Coast has been blanketed in global warming. Layers and layers and layers of it.

If you click on the link or the photo above, you will be whisked away to an article about the weather in modern terms.

As a member of our association of Tax revenue sources, I would like to suggest that we all consider the last paragraph in the article:

“Quick! More carbon taxes now!”