Press Mea Culpa

After having stated, on their front page no less, that a political ad was paid for by the Town of Plattsburgh (ie. that’s the taxpayer’s money and that’s illegal) the “Sale & Marketing Manager” (that’s what he puts as his title) at the Press Republican, George Rock, has issued a Mea Culpa.


Press Letter Acknowledging Mistake

Problem: What are we to believe?


  1. That which the Press blasted out on their front page yesterday 11/02/15 (not “November 1” as Mr. Rock states) (does anyone proofread?) or
  2. Mr. Rock’s letter which few have seen?

The political climate being what it is, with New York’s notorious history of political corruption (are you aware that, the Skelos and Silver trials “In Two Corruption Cases” are getting underway?) and with its alleged absentee voter fraud 2 years ago (the case is still open and sitting on the Attorney General’s desk in Albany) Plattsburgh is not and, according to the article “Clinton County Election Fraud: A Short History”, has never been immune from corruption.

So who really paid for the ad? Guess we’ll have to decide for ourselves.

It is sad to think that the “Payed for by” line wasn’t important enough to the press or the political operatives involved to proof read it effectively.  Not until we started talking about what “Payed for by the Town of Plattsburgh” really means did the above “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN” letter come fluttering into our Email Box.

Maybe we are supposed to maintain a healthy level of skepticism while we read the Press Republican, and assume the accuracy of all published statements likely to be faulty.  Since the above “SORRY ABOUT THAT” letter was not printed in the PPR broad sheet or stuck to the front of today’s edition, we guess we should suspend our skepticism.  Just got back from the Cumberland Bay Market with the Election Day 2015 edition of the Plattsburgh Press Republican and find that a monochrome version of the sticker in question is now correctly printed low on page A2, columns 5 and 6.  No “sorry about that” of any kind attached.

We much prefer to believe that the letter is acruate, and enjoy being relieved that The Town of Plattsburgh, always too happy to spend money, did not find yet another stupid way to spend our tax dollars.