The Future We Keep Building For Many Generations To Enjoy!

Once upon a time I had a senior colleague who would annoy me by prefacing welcome advice by pointing to his head to support the importance of his words.  He wanted the number of gray hairs attached to his head to add up to wisdom.  That great artist is gone now, and the tables are turned.  I now enjoy a majority of gray hairs still clinging to my scalp, but not enough to compete with my past advisor who sported a much larger population of occupied hair follicles.  The uncomfortable turn of the table is not related to my grey hair population, but to my youthful annoyance with grey hair being used as a sign of wisdom.

This article:

should be of the greatest concern to those who will live through the conundrum our present Government is constructing.  The youth of our nation seem happily ignorant that their futures are being formed by guys and gals equipped with more grey hair than I have.  In fact, some of the guys and gals, who are still influencing elected members of our Government have long ago joined my old grey advisor in the afterlife.  Those long dead mostly white guys couldn’t care less about the future now confronting this nation, but the presently pre-death grey haired movers and shakers seem no more concerned than those of past generations who taught the pre-dead to spend, spend, spend.  Those grey hairs, bottle blonds and brunettes and the bald in Washington should be viewed with great skepticism by the young.  The mess that the above article delineates is not going to be resolved by doing the same old thing that created the mess.

The smooth skinned un-greying generations are going to inherit a reality that just about everyone sporting a majority population of grey hairs can anticipate missing.  I believe we are scheduled to depart this reality before the piper’s bill becomes large enough to consume the full measure of our nation’s GDP.  Sadly, my lamentation seems to be an undisclosed shout of joy for the grey hairs in Washington.

What now really annoys me is how the youth unquestioningly allow their elders to sell their future to an idea that keeps on killing societies across the face of the Earth.

Here is a not so new, from 2012, idea written by a gray haired guy:

I think my hair population exceeds the number still happily attached to Murray’s cranium.  Not that it means anything.