Will They or Won’t They? That is the Question.

On March 31st the NYS government passed their budget.  Hailed as “on time” for the 5th year running, it increased State “aid” to Education as compared to the 2014-2015 budget.  Here is how the schools in Clinton County fared in that increase.

Ausable Valley                 +3.49%                   $589,215

Beekmantown                 +5.35%                   $916,341

Northeastern                   +7.64%                  $1,159165

Chazy                                +10.85                   $461,171

N. Adirondack                -3.16                       -$465,071

Peru                                  +7.15                      $1,612,746

Plattsburgh                     +7.15                      $1,183,857

Saranac                            +9.10                     $1,427,844

As we wrote last week, the Beekmantown Board of Education voted unanimously to increase their tax levy for 2015-2016 by 3.57% in order to raise the excess $678,880 they felt they needed for their budget.  This tax levy increase was proposed and voted on WITHOUT knowledge of how much the BCS portion of State aid would actually be.  Yes, there were some reasonable board members who thought it prudent to wait until State aid figures were known before deciding on a levy increase but they were told that waiting would bring undue hardship on the number crunchers who might have to suffer some extraordinarily “long nights” of number crunching to bring in the budget for publication!

Now that the Board has the actual State aid figures, will they ask the number crunchers to put in those “long nights” to rework the numbers in such a way as to lower the levy or will everyone just sit back, relax, use the increased aid and still continue to increase the levy by 3.57%

The question now is WILL THEY OR WON’T THEY lower the levy?   We’ll keep you posted.


For the School Aid run click on the following document:

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