Cheeseburger Inflation

Cheeseburger Inflation

What a great day we had yesterday with all that sun and warm temperatures. Global Warming seemed so inevitable, and now out our window we see snow aplenty falling from the sky as we sip our morning coffee.  I don’t think we can expect Winter to keep everything white until our next meeting on the 16th, but even the weather reminds me of a book I bought back in 2001:

Dammed Lies and Statistics

damnedThe Global warming argument is based on statistics, as is just about every one of the excuses our fearless leaders give us for lifting ever more money out of our pockets come tax time every year.  Let’s set our next meeting as a celebration of the negative cash flow in our lives that warms the hearts of elected officials everywhere.  Well it does, warm their homes, feed their kids, employs their cousins and a few of their friends, and all the while leaving room for program promises to the voters that they generally don’t keep.

Now there is a new edition of Damned Lies and Statistics, and Debbie discovered a new statistic:

Bacon Cheeseburger Index Shows 7.7 Percent Inflation

The “Bacon Cheeseburger Index” seems to be a better indicator of life with American Inflation than the rigged measurements the Government would have us believe in.  Statistics comfortable to revenue hungry Uncle Sam, aunt Albany and Cousin Clinton County are necessarily meant to be confusing to us working stiffs, but inflation has tax implications that Governments, especially State and Local, just love to keep secret.

Anyway, have a nice snowy North Country morning and remember that what you pay for a Bacon Cheeseburger will more likely reflect your cost of life style and taxes better than the numbers coming out of Washington.  Wouldn’t it be nice if our paychecks were following the Bacon Cheeseburger trend.

We’re looking forward to our meeting on 16 April.  Let’s get together and celebrate the passing of the Fed’s tax deadline.