Thanks for the Question

We want to thank a subscriber for asking the question: “WHAT PROMPTED A UNION?” to our post:

Teamsters and Town Agreement

Seeking an answer has been fun, and informative.  Not that a suitable answer was found, but a spin of the above question did pop out of our inquiries.

“WHO PROMPTED A UNION?” got an answer, and with a little more effort we should be able to find out when exactly it took root at the Town of Plattsburgh.

Please do pose questions. They tend to send us down dusty corridors of investigation we would never have thought to explore without your questions.

When we have enough info, we will be back with a blog: “Who What When!”

“Why?” may be a question not open to investigation, but if you have any idea’s, or know anyone who may be able to help us we would be happy to hear from you.

We just put three Town Meetings on the Video page.  The webmaster apologies for making you wait.  He is a bit……. well…. You know.