Happy New Year from CHTA

The 1st meeting of CHTA for this year will take place on Thursday, January 15th, at 7:00 PM at the Cumberland Head Fire Station.  At this meeting we will welcome Mr. Colin Read, who is the Clinton County legislator from district 4, a professor of economics at SUNY Plattsburgh, a small business owner and a columnist for the Press Republican.

Mr. Read will lead an informal open dialogue with all attendees regarding the economic condition of our area.  He is anxious to know what’s on people’s minds, what we perceive to be pressing issues, what we would like to see happen and those things we feel need improvement or need to cease. We should be thankful that Mr. Read, an elected official, is willing to hear what we have to say and to discuss our concerns. As you may well know few elected officials in our area take the time to talk with the citizens in a “Town Hall” fashion.  In fact I can’t remember any ever having done so and more often than not they try their darnedest to cut off dialogue.

So please consider joining us on Thursday.  Bring your questions, ideas and concerns . Everyone is welcome.