The Price of Grey

When I saw advertising for the movie “The Giver”, featuring Meryl Streep telling a young person that people always chose wrong when they have a choice, I bought the book.  The book confirmed my suspicions about the movies’ message.

Today I read the following article about a mother protesting Common Core:

The protester lived through the message of “The Giver” while coming of age in China.  Unlike the "Hero" in "The Giver" she was lucky that America still exists outside the nirvana of Communist China so that unlike the "Hero" in "The Giver" she was able to make a choice that did not include paying the ultimate price for choosing to leave nirvana behind.  But, she is protesting what she is finding today, while living among us Americans, because she recognizes in our society the coming of what she already decided to escape once before.

I spent years traveling the world on business and I can say from my experiences that America is still the place where people have the most choices.  But with Common Core every taxpayer is funding our nation’s effort to take away those choices.  Yes, the dream of utopia is expensive to pursue and it’s really only workable in a movie or fantasy book.

Do we want to keep paying for our Government’s efforts to “Change” our nation into a very grey “Disneyland” where every citizen of the world can freely enter without fear of expulsion? OH! I’m sorry. According to this article:

only the world citizen willing to sneak into our “Disneyland” can stay without fear of deportation.  The Breitbart article makes me think we should only expect fools to enter our future “Disneyland” by the main gate with ticket in hand.