Thanks a lot!!!

Just a quick note to remind everyone to be thankful for our government serving us current tax payers so well.  Ain’t it nice to know that the guy in the photo (to the left) is protecting us from the crushing taxes the Feds would have to extract from us if they were going make us pay for the insane spending that makes everyone “happy”. I’m sure the game Jacob Lew is playing is a lot of work, and the article Debbie found yesterday: “Ponzi: Treasury Issues $1T Debt in 8 Weeks-To Pay Old Debt” is a lot of work just to read.  Can you imagine how much work it must be to do what is described in that article?  We should send Jacob thank-you notes for letting us off the hook while shifting the tax bill to generations yet to become taxpaying citizens.  Nice to know our children and grandchildren, if Common Core doesn’t stop them from being able to figure it out, can thank us for those crushing taxes that they will face when they come of age.

Jacob Lew - Treasury Secretary

What Jacob Lew does for us! 

The only way the Treasury could handle the $942,103,000,000 in old debt that matured during the period (8 weeks) plus finance the new deficit spending the government engaged in was to roll over the old debt into new debt and issue enough additional new debt to cover the new deficit spending.