Guess What? Things are done in secret even by the handsome.

Our friends and CHTA members Holly and John Sims sent us an editorial about events that don’t surprise us for what happened.  After all our Town Government has taught us that secrecy is good for them too, but we are surprised that attractive people would chose to do anything in secret.  You can read the editorial by clicking on it’s title:

Surprise town tax hikes are cowardly

Now, don’t you think paying tax hikes instituted by this handsome Oyster Bay Supervisor, John Venditto, might be fun to do?  Does he believe himself handsome enough not only to decorate his town home page, but also get away with picking his town’s citizens pockets without even asking first?  It would seem he does.


Oyster Bay residence should be very happy to participate in supporting the good life the above photos would seem to tell us they enjoy to our south.  The place is almost as attractive as the presiding Supervisor.


Islip may not be as proud of their town as Oyster Bay, and the Town Super, Tom Croci, seems to be more modest than John Venditto.  Croci’s photo on Islip’s web page took a few clicks to find, but don’t you think the fellow on the right is a handsome Ex-Navy guy?  Surely he knows that his fellow citizens would love to watch him while he determines the level of taxation they are going to enjoy.

Islip Town Supervisor: Tom Croci

We have a lot to be proud of in the North Country, but our Town is so proud it has no photos on the TOP Tourism page either.  Oh!! Maybe the tax hike in Islip is to fund a raise for the Web Master who is holding the page to the right hostage.