Natural Gas

So what’s new?  Natural Gas service is still in the future, if you want it.  And why wouldn’t you want to pay less for heating and hot water?  Some of us would really like to see pipes going into the ground now, but the dust is still settling around NYSEG the PSC and the TOP.

It would seem that the TOP is in favor of the plans to offer Gas service.  If you  want to print out Mr. Bassett’s letter, Click Here to find a printable version.  Otherwise scroll down and you will find his three pages of comments.

If you haven’t done it yet, click on the Gas Poster on the Home Page and fill out the request for installation.  If, for some reason, you eventually decide to stay with what you have, you can always back out from getting gas.

The newest document generated by the PSC (Public Service Commission at the State of New York Department of Public Service) about Gas to Plattsburgh can be found by clicking here.  The good stuff starts on this page:
2014-07-22 NYSEG - PSC comments re Natural Gas pg. 9 - 11 9
The next page may also be interesting to you:2014-07-22 NYSEG - PSC comments re Natural Gas pg. 9 - 11 10
It’s the one after the above page that twists my brains a bit:2014-07-22 NYSEG - PSC comments re Natural Gas pg. 9 - 11 11
If anyone can tell me what that table is all about, I would love to hear from you.

The TOP (Town of Plattsburgh) had a few things to say about this issue:2014-07-07 Bassett letter to PSC_Page_1




2014-07-07 Bassett letter to PSC_Page_2

2014-07-07 Bassett letter to PSC_Page_3