Moral Rot

Debbie, my wife, passed me an article this morning that reminded me of our work during previous Town of Plattsburgh budget seasons.  It is also a good excuse to bring up the impending budget season for this year, and remind everyone that it is all about spending.

The link is to a fine article by Walter Williams:

Walter Williams

Walter Williams

Walter can really write well.  I’m so glad he puts into prose exactly what I think, and what makes me hope some of us north country folk are ready to dig in and fight for spending sanity.  So let’s take up the banner of bringing spending into line with what the people of the Town of Plattsburgh can afford.  It would be nice to join the argument in Washington, and Elise Stefanik seems destined to be our champion for moral fiscal responsibility down there in DC, but we are more or less on our own when it comes to keeping our tax and spend Town aware that the tax slaves of the north country are not happy.  We were effective last year.  Let’s do it again.

Join us at the CHTA, and we may be able to keep the Town from silently spending and stealing us blind with taxes to cover the costs of their fun.

By the way, we could also keep eyes on Clinton County and New York State.