The Day After.

OK!! We had a wonderful wet 4th of July, but why celebrate?  There is a certain irony in being a member of a group dedicated to watch dogging the taxing authority of our government, and having a grand time whooping it up about a bunch of dead people declaring themselves free of a taxing authority much older than the one, about which, we, at the CHTA, sometimes assemble to discuss.

I came across this article while sipping my morning  joe:

It is no joke to tick off a list of discomforts from which we suffer today at the hands of our elected and appointed officials, and see parallels listed in our own Declaration of Independence.  Rereading the tax book I placed in the CHTA Library gives rise to yet more specific irony.  In the really old days, those centuries that witnessed the “Glory of Rome”, one’s “Freedom” would seem to have been measured first by taxation level.  How free were you if you lived in those “Great Days”?  If you had anything, could you keep it from the “Glorious” Roman Government?  Seems that the better you could protect your stuff, the freer you were.

These days we seem unable to protect anything from the desires of our Government.

Our problem is fear. It is a fearful thing to admit that these dangers exist, and to stand up and resist those who would use our various governmental institutions to diminish our “Freedom”.

Joining the Cumberland Head Taxpayers Association is a good step for anyone wanting to resist having our “Freedom” reduced; at least as it is measured against the tax man’s power and demands. Oh! By the way, I happen to think that Walter Williams is right to use a “word pairing” over and over again in his public speaking:  “Tax Slavery”.  On his radio talk show he has often spoken about the day of the year when we Americans are allowed to live in Tax Freedom.  That day changes every year, and Walter describes the remainder of the year as the period in which we enjoy Freedom from Tax Slavery.

OK, fellow slaves, are we free yet?