Letter to the Editor

I never believed in the tooth fairy and I have extended that natural skepticism in many directions.  For example: I submitted a letter to the editor today.   I have had a letter published at the Press Republican before, but just in case today’s submission is deemed unworthy of inclusion on the PR pages, I want to share it with my friends I know to be interested in taxes.

It’s all about taxes and how some people play fast and loose when on the campaign trail.

The letter is as follows:



To the Editor,

Last night I watched the debate on Warner Cable News between the two citizens of the North Country seeking to have their names listed on the Republican line on this November’s Ballot for the 21st Congressional District.  (http://saratoga-north.twcnews.com/content/news/742137/exclusive–doheny–stefanik-debate-ahead-of-21st-district-republican-primary/) It was amazing to see just how different two candidates from the same party can be.  I would love to write my complete “differences list”, but one difference stands out in particular.

TAXES.  Elise Stefanik repeatedly told us she wanted to cut taxes. Matt Doheny repeatedly defended his signature on the Americans for Tax Reform pledge not to raise taxes.  One can only hope that he is depending on that pledge to not raise taxes as a short hand way to define himself as against High Taxes, but I always think that a thing not said is a thing not thought.

So I see the difference in this way:

Doheny says: “I will not raise your taxes!!!!!!!”

Stefanik says: “I will cut your taxes.”

What? Stefanik thinks taxes are too high, and Doheny thinks they are just about right?

I want to continue to live in the North Country, even though taxes here inspire me to abandon living at my favorite GPS coordinates.  Taxes, as established here, are already too high. Cut them all. Anyone who tells me he is just not going to make them worse is not talking my language.