Brian Dowling on Assesment

Our thanks and bravos go to Brian Dowling for giving us some info that we tax payers often wish we could find but, just as often, have no idea where to seek.

His generosity with his time merits our gratitude.  It also speaks to the type of individual that we need serving the public.  Public Servant is a tough term,  Mr. Dowling labels himself with it and seems comfortable carrying the meaning of the words.

His patience with our questions made his answers easy listening, and his points more understandable.

His demeanor in friendly company and under fire from disgruntled attendees should give confidence, to anyone viewing the above video, that this is an approachable and reasonable official that tax payers can deal with.

We hope he will promote the efforts of the CHTA to help tax payers understand what is going on.

Please do set aside some time to watch our modest effort to capture Mr. Dowling informing us of things he knows so well.