Rules, rules, rules. The votes are now counted.

Rules, rules, rules. The votes are now counted.

Not that the Plattsburgh Press Republican has noticed yet.

It is one of those “interesting” events. Both Tom Metz and Bill Brudvig got the same number of votes in the final tally which included all the absentee ballots that the judge allowed to be opened and counted. That was a fun and expensive exercise in a very “interesting” futility.

It might have been interesting to have Tom and Bill tie for first place, but the really “interesting” result is that they tied for second place. This gives rise to the “interesting” power position that the Plattsburgh Town Board now enjoys. New York State law considers that the tie for the second open seat on the Town Board to be a “failure to elect”. You know…. Since the voters couldn’t make up their minds which one they wanted, then neither has a right to take his place in that open seat. New York State law hands the power of appointment to the Plattsburgh Town Board. It is not a full term appointment but lasts only until the next election cycle this year. Yes, that’s right, the new appointee will face a special election come next November. Fun, isn’t it? Oh,, by the way,,, those elections cost taxpayers money! Cachink, cachink.

Tea leaves are being read all over the North Country, and some crystal balls are certainly getting Windex treatments this week. Who will the Town Board appoint??????? Anybody they want!!!!!!!

BUT there are other things in the news that are really more important than our local tempest at the Town of Plattsburgh, and here is one of them:

Click Here to Read “The 10 Worst States for Taxes in 2014”.

No, California ain't the worst!

No, California ain’t the worst!

No, California is not the WORST!  Our Great State of New York takes the prize. Like anyone of our members might be surprised.

Isn’t it wonderful to have two very “interesting” issues to ponder?

The quotes around the word “interesting” are to place that word in the phrase Debbie and I heard so often in our Hotel Rooms while we were so long on the road. CNN was our only English language TV channel out there 10 Worst States 2in some parts of the world south of Peru, north of Beekmantown, west of Morrisonville and East of Grand Isle. I heard a talking head on CNN repeat so often his favorite Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” that the word “interesting” now has a very negative spin for me. I think we need to consider our options and try to live in fascinating times. I know it is one of my objectives.