Rules, rules, rules why can’t we just count the votes?

The entire Board of the Town of Plattsburgh turned out last Thursday with a few of their supporters to repeat to one another the talking points they seem to fully agree upon with a “That’s right!” and even an “Amen” tossed in. We want to invite everyone to view the proceedings, because we hope the greater population in the Plattsburgh region will come to understand what is going on with these men in power.

Marty Manix was the lynch pin of the proceedings and opened the confab with:

We are here today to preserve the sanctity of each person’s right to vote. Take note. This fight is not about anything other than the effort of some in one political party to disenfranchise another’s right to vote. The proof is who is challenged. Unilaterally they are members of the opposition party.

He goes on and on and on about how (please click) Republicans are out to intimidate and suppress the other partys’ voters. He wants every Democrat and Working Families vote counted before anyone can verify that they were cast legally (please click).

What he and his friends are actually protesting is the existence of the laws as they are now written. The law is operating as it should, but (please click)Manix and friends want the Courts to stop the process and order the Board of Elections to count all the votes, even those protested by the two candidates for the Plattsburgh Town Board that the CHTA supported.

It is no joke when men call for the overthrow of the rule of law. We would like to call to everyone’s attention Mr. Manix’s displayed attitude of entitlement to power. He does not care about making sure that everyone plays by the rules. He would seem to be offering himself as the first arbiter of which rules count and which do not.  Does he really think he knows how Democracy is intended to operate (please click)?  He seems to think his opinion trumps the law, and the Court should step in to enforce his idea of how elections should be managed.  He doesn’t seem to care about the rules. 

Please click, if you have time to read an article written by Mark Steyn, I bet you will see that Mr. Manix fits right into the matrix of lawlessness that Mark Steyn points out in his article.

No matter what the outcome of the legal battle over local voting, I think we should applaud the courage of Mark Dame to follow his convictions.  We have him to thank for uncovering some very interesting activities at the grass-roots level which may not be compliant with the rules that Mr. Manix seems to see as unfair. 

We should also applaud Bill Brudvig and Tom Metz for picking up where Mark Dame left off.  We want to see the voting laws followed, and every LEGAL vote counted.