Town of Plattsburgh Public Hearing Comments on 10/15/2013

The full meeting is here to see if you want, but just below the video window you can see the list of names of Plattsburgh citizens we were able to catch on video speaking to the Town Board. Click on the names and the video will come up and begin where each of them speaks. Unfortunately we did not get the full names of two citizens we have included on the list. If anyone can provide these names, please send us an email.  The Video can also be found on the Video page.

Norm BakerNorm Baker 2 Michael W. OrmsbyStevenGary GudzBill BrudvigMike CashmanDan DrownEleanor LahtinenJohn St. GermainTod HollandTom MetzAllen DurkeyGreg LucasDave WitkowskiMatthew RobischonTerry YorkGerald HarrellPeter GibbordDoyle FrostFred WardTerrance DupraDavid HinsmanEd ChampagneBrian HammondDan CovertMarsha CookTerrance DayLeon BakowShirley BeriauChristina BezrutczykNorm Baker 3Christina Bezrutczyk 2Christina Bezrutczyk 3Gary Gudz 2Terrance DayShirley Beriau 2David Hinsman 2Ed Champagne 2Gary Gudz 3Jim ConnorDon RushfordFred Ward 2Irwin PerinMr. Ken CookPeter Gibbord 2No Name given