Audit Reports Posted

Today we have posted the 2008, 2009 and 2012 Independent Audits for the Town of Plattsburgh. (2010 and 2011 Audits were posted some time ago) You can find them on the Financial Documents page.  These documents are rather large so be patient when trying to download them.  It will take a bit of time.  Please pay particular attention to the findings.  In the 2012 Audit finding 12-06 it states that the Town has been deficit spending, apparently for several years.  Because of this the town didn’t have sufficient funds to cover the appropriated fund balance for the 2013 budget.  The Town has been advised that this is not a good way to budget…you can read it in the audits…but they haven’t heeded the advice.  Consequently, if the Town doesn’t find a way to cut spending we will be seeing tax increases.

Debbie Blake