Summer is over

Hope you had a happy Labor Day CHTA,


We hope you had a great summer and are ready for Autumn leaves and that incredible color we are so fortunate to enjoy here in the Northern reaches of NY. And, we hope to get CHTA back to the table for important undertakings.


First of all you will be receiving your School Tax bill momentarily if you haven’t already. School taxes are going up. So what else is new?


Second: It’s very important to make certain that you are registered for your STAR exemption. New legislation requires all homeowners receiving a Basic STAR exemption to register with the New York State Tax Department in order to receive the exemption in 2014 and subsequent years. (Even if you are already registered you must re-register to enjoy the exemption)


You can register online at:
Logo NYS Department of Taxation and Finance
Click to go.
So please don’t delay.


If you prefer, you can pick up a paper application at the Town Tax Receiver’s office at the Town Hall on the Banker Road.


Third: It’s budget season at the Town and there’s a high probability that taxes will be going up at the Town as well! Talk at Board Meetings includes ideas about increasing revenue. (You can view discussions of taxes here from July 8, 2013:


This one from 25 minutes into the meeting:


July 8 2013 1
This one from 35 minutes into the meeting:
July 8 2013 2
This one from 37 minutes into the meeting:
July 8 2013 3
One idea that has been batted around is to fund the Highway Department entirely by increasing the Highway tax. At present the Highway Department receives about $1.5 Million from sales tax revenue which comes into the TOP general fund and is then transferred to Highway to fund the majority of its’ operations.August 26 2013 2 A tax of about $1.5 per $1000 of the assessed valuation of your home would be needed to replace the sales tax revenue. (Add that to the $.70/$1000 already in place and the Highway tax jumps to $2.20/$1000. This will increase each year as the Highway budget increases) In the meantime the sales tax would remain in the general fund which pays for administrative costs in the Town. Will it happen this year? We’ll have to wait and see.


I have attached a draft proposal of a 4 year financial plan which was developed by the finance manager. Click on the graphics to enlarge.
Draft First Page The final page Bad Last Page
contains huge errors which I have corrected. 
However, from the document you can see that it is anticipated that the Town will need more revenue beginning in 2014 unless the Board cuts spending….which is unlikely! Anticipated cost increase estimates include 14% annual increases in employee benefits10%-40% increases in capital expenses in the sewer department, a 16% annual increase in ambulance service and 8% in sewer rents. All these increase the need for more revenue, resulting in higher taxes. As for water, there is an anticipated annual tax rate increase of 14%-16%.


Forth: There has been an interest in providing a forum to meet and ask questions of candidates running for the Clinton County Legislature from our area, “area four”. As you probably know The Honorable Sara E. Rowden is retiring because, due to term limits, her term is up. This year Mr. Colin Read, Ph.D and Town of Plattsburgh Councilman Gerard Renadette will be running for “Sara’s” seat and CHTA would like to ask them to come visit us in October. If you are interested in coming to such a forum please let me know by email so we can plan accordingly. I’m certain the evening would be most interesting.


We will be recommencing meetings the 19th of September, CH Fire Station at 6:30PM


Please join us to find out more about taxes, updates about the possibility of natural gas on CH and more.