$100,000,000 Health care liability

Health Ins. Consortium Meeting open to ALL local area school district residents, retirees and employees at 6:00 at Stafford Middle School on Tuesday April 23rd.
This is a very important meeting to understand the difference between Plan A and B health insurance for ALL local schools. Switching plans could save the districts millions of dollars preventing loss of programs for kids and saving the taxpayers money. Many employees and retirees are nervous about a switch so I would encourage them to attend and learn about Plan B, BEFORE they form an opinion. The bottom line is this: The BCS Audit reports shows that:
1. The current liabilities of the district are greater than the assets due to health care obligations (this is similar to the a home owner being “underwater”)
2. The long-term liability for healthcare for our district is over $100 MILLION with $0 set aside. Yes, that is $100,000,000
Please attend the meeting and become informed.