Preview of Coming Attractions!

The Town of Plattsburgh enjoys free access to a channel on Charter Cable.  One would think the Town would be ecstatic to have every action the board takes appear on that channel, but it is sadly not so.  The Town of Plattsburgh regularly records only  the first and third meetings of the Town Board every month with the intent  to broadcast on that free channel dedicated to Public Access. These are the “formal meetings” in which Board members dress up in jacket and tie and share a little information with the public.  Although it would seem that 24 meetings should be broadcast each year, in 2009 I captured, with my cable DVR, only 11 different meetings.   In 2010 the count was 9.  So, in 2011 I ceased recording the Town Board Meetings on Cable Public Access and began to personally record ALL the Town Board Meetings including work sessions. (work sessions are where they don’t wear jacket and tie and where the nitty gritty is hammered out, that is the nitty- gritty that hasn’t been worked out during the week in phone conversations and emails!) This blog is where my effort begins to appear.

Click on this text to see the last Town of Plattsburgh Board meeting from 10/15/2012

Stay tuned for a new page on our site with the title: Town of Plattsburgh Meetings.

On that page you will eventually see every meeting I am able to post.