Town Water & Sewer Capital Projects

       Last night’s Town Board meeting featured a presentation from Mr. Scott Stoddard, head of the H2O and sewer department. This presentation revealed preliminary estimates of $10 million worth of repairs and upgrades which the dept. would like to make. $4 million would be in the Consolidated water district, and would therefore affect CH. $4.1 million are in the Base District and would have no bearing on CH. The other $1.9 million is in the water and sewer district and would only affect those on CH who have public sewers..i.e. Champlain Park and a few outside users. (Those of you who voted against public sewer can congratulate yourselves now!)

       How the Town will pay for this is part of the budget process. There are some board members who want to raise water and sewer rates (tax) in order to guarantee a continual flow of revenue to the water and sewer department even after these repairs and upgrades are paid for. Unlike Bonding for Capital improvements, taxation achieves this goal forever. Oddly, the members advocating this route most loudly have private septic and wells so they would not be personally affected by a rise in the cost of water and sewer rates.

Please have a look at the overview which was presented last night.

Click here to access the  08/27/2012 Town of Plattsburgh’s overview of their Water and Wastewater Capital Projects.