Shenanigans during the August 14 BCSD school board meeting

The school Board meeting began with a public hearing about the dress code. They immediately moved on to “discuss” and appoint a new Board member to fill the vacant position created by Karen Armstrong’s resignation. Debbie Passno made a motion to discuss the vacant board seat after the public comment so that they could consider input from the public before making a decision. Eric Anderson and April Bingel supported her motion. The other 5 BOE members did not support her motion so the discussion ensued.

Part of the discussion focused on the cost of the election which was determined to be $1800-$2000.

In the end they voted 5 to 3 to appoint Ed Marin to the vacant position.
Cathy Buckley Yes
Debbie Passno No
Steve Trombley Yes
Leonard King Yes
Pauline Stone Yes
Eric Anderson No
April Bingel No

Richard Lavigne Yes

There was public comment immediately following the decision,. For the most part, the public was appalled and disappointed in the Board’s undemocratic maneuver. Nancy Coty was also vocal. She indicated that she was prepared to PAY FOR THE ENTIRE ELECTION just to ensure the public a democratic process.  But in the end, it really wasn’t about the cost of the election it was about putting an incumbent back on the Board.

Mr. Lavigne was very unprofessional during his dialogues, criticizing United For the Kids, various members of the public and certain Board members. He accused one of the new BOE members of lying. His behavior was deplorable! I have learned over the past year that this is normal behavior for him.  During the 2nd public comment I called him out on it and other folks did as well. His seat is open in May.

Mr. Lavigne’s comments provoked one member of the audience to remind the board that his behavior is not only directed towards adults, but also kids. Here’s the audio from a BOE meeting where a Seton Catholic employee (Debbie Finley) recounted a soccer game where she heard Mr. Lavigne bullying Seton Catholic students (e.g. referring to them as “sides of beef”):

The other contentious issue was to tenure Elem. Principal Slattery. Debbie and Eric asked that they go into Executive session so they could ask personnel-related questions before they granted tenure. They had very little knowledge or background on this individual. The Board denied them that right forcing them to vote on a topic for which they lacked information. They both abstained. This is the same thing they did to April Bingel back in May when they voted to extend Amo’s contract. They denied her an executive session time discuss Amo’s extension.

I would encourage you all to occasionally attend one of the monthly BOE meetings. The biggest recipient of your tax dollars is the BCS school and  when we have a majority of the BCS Board that is dysfunctional, dollars are not being spent with the best interest of the kids and tax payers in mind.